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A&S Programs / STEM + World Language

STEM + World Language

America’s STEM industries depend on the language industry. The work of traditional STEM businesses is now inevitably global; advances hardly occur in just one country or market. Multilingual communication is intrinsic to today’s scientific collaboration and progress, which means the language industry is fundamental to furthering every aspect of STEM professions and business. STEM companies in numerous sectors depend on the professional language industry to access more than $1.5 trillion in overseas markets.

- Bill Rivers, Executive Director for the Joint National Committee for Languages of the National Council for Language and International Studies

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This dual degree language and STEM option capitalizes on the natural combination. Graduates will work in international settings, with international companies or in medicine - fields where language skills are an advantage to working with or caring for diverse populations. 

Students can earn dual degrees, receiving a:

Bachelor of Arts in MCL-Arabic and Islamic Studies, MCL-Chinese Studies, MCL-Classics, MCL-French and Francophone Studies, MCL-German Studies, MCL-Japan Studies, MCL-Russian Studies or Hispanic Studies

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry (traditional track), Geology, Mathematics, Mathematical Economics, Neuroscience, or Physics

This option includes a built-in semester abroad in the third or fourth year with intensive language study followed by a summer internship. Students will enroll in programs cooperating with UK Education Abroad that offer language study and internships. Internship placements in businesses, medical organizations, or in university laboratories will target a student’s professional goals. You will learn vital professional skills in an international setting. 

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