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Si-Nong Liu

Si-Nong Liu (China)
PhD Candidate in Physics

Si-Nong applied to UK after her undergraduate advisor recommended the program as an option for further opportunities in the field of theoretical physics. She was considering programs in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands, but she chose UK after the committed outreach of UK faculty. "After a short time, they contacted me and introduced me to the campus and the department," Si-Nong said. "They had some Chinese professors contact me and give me ideas for how to prepare for my future. They did everything they could to recruit me. It was really wonderful."

She is studying string theory and hopes to secure a post-doctoral fellowship after graduation, and one day become a professor able to do her own research. The relatively small size of the department means easier access to professors and advisors, Si-Nong said. "If professors have the time, they are willing to talk to me," she said. "Not just my advisor, but our Director of Graduate Studies and other professors too ... they even invited me for Thanksgiving dinner."

Si-Nong appreciates the convenience of campus transportation shuttles and the services located in the Student Center. Although other students studying in the U.S. had told her she would definitely need a car, she has found that a bike allows her to get around as well as shop for groceries. 

Si-Nong is from Fuzhou, China and holds a bachelor's in Physics from Fudan University in Shanghai.