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Ruwen Chang

Ruwen Chang (China)
PhD Candidate in Gender and Women's Studies

Ruwen's work focuses on the politics of reproduction and the central question of who is fit to reproduce. Originally from China, Ruwen joined UK as a student in 2017 after completing an MA in Sociology from Peking University. "I always wanted to study Gender and Women's Studies (GWS), but there are no GWS doctoral programs in China," Ruwen said. "When I came here, I felt so happy to read and write about these things. I enjoy it so much ... the readings, the professors, and the class discussions."

Ruwen also values the real-world experience and advice she can absorb from her professors. "I'm able to develop myself as a young professional," she said. "Professors talk about publication and how to make a final paper more publishable ... They organize workshops, like how to organize your teaching experience on your CV so you can be more appealing to employers and how to apply for grants so you won't starve!"

As for Lexington, Ruwen also enjoys the scenery and nature that weren't common in metropolitan areas of China. "When I first got here, I realized oh my gosh, there are so few people, the sky is very blue, it's very beautiful. I like the big spaces in Lexington, it's a very beautiful place". When she graduates, Ruwen hopes to become a professor of GWS.