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Research Funding Opportunities

Research Funding Opportunities for Faculty

Research Support Provided by the College of Arts and Sciences

  • The Advancing Innovative Research program provides support for faculty research across the broad range of disciplines in the College.  This program includes:

    • Expanding Transdisciplinary Research within Arts and Sciences. These seed grant awards (up to $50,000 for one year) supports new collaborative projects involving two or more disciplines in the College.
    • Broadening our Funded Research Base in Arts and Sciences. These $20,000 seed grants are intended to provide support to faculty who are applying for external funding from federal agencies, state agencies, and foundations. 


Research Support Provided by the Office of the Vice President for Research

Among the support programs offered by the Vice President for Research are the following:

  • Celebrating University Research Across The Enterprise (CURATE) to support grant programs for research, scholarship, and creative works in areas of excellence that are not traditionally amenable to external funding.
  • Conference & Workshop Grants to encourage the University of Kentucky as a possible site for regional, national or international professional organizations' conferences and workshops, faculty may submit a brief proposal for partial support (maximum of $4,000) of such conferences. 
  • 2023 Research Equipment Competition to modernize our research capabilities, and to assist in replacing aging research equipment.
  • The Research Scholars Program is a one-year, multi-component investment in the research success of junior faculty and their mentors.
  • The Vice President for Research’s Research Priority Areas (RPAs) often run their own research support programs, including seed grants, equipment grants, and others.  If your research interests mesh with one of the RPAs, contact that RPA’s leadership and ask about membership.