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Reappointment Reviews of Untenured Faculty

Self-Standing Reappointment Review Guidelines:

1.  Prepare a dossier that includes the following.

  • Updated FMER materials: cv, Statement on Research, Teaching Reporting Form, course syllabi, Statement on Teaching, FMER Merit Evaluation Form, previous fall TCE results
  • Any other materials that the chair and candidate deem appropriate.
  • Departmental P&T Guidelines

2.  Make the dossier available to the tenured faculty in the department and consult with them about reappointment.  Consultation requires only that tenured faculty be given the opportunity to share their opinions on reappointment, either via email or at a department meeting.

3.  Write a one sentence letter to the effect that, on the basis of the faculty’s favorable review of the dossier, the chair recommends that the candidate be reappointed.

The alternative procedure to be followed if the chair decides that a terminal reappointment should be issued is found belo.  If the chair has any suspicions that the balanced opinion of the tenured faculty will come down on the side of a terminal reappointment, then the chair must call a meeting of the tenured faculty to discuss the case.

4. Submit the chair’s reappointment letter to the Dean.

Reappointment materials are due in the dean’s office by no later than April 5, 2023.


Procedure for Issuing Terminal Reappointments of Probationary Regular Title Series Faculty:

It is the chair who decides, after considering the discussion of a reappointment dossier at a faculty meeting, whether to issue a terminal contract. If she or he decides to do this, then

  1. Immediately notify the dean’s office of this decision,
  2. Add to the dossier (1) copies of the untenured faculty person’s annual DOEs, (2) a roster of departmental faculty with ranks, (3) copies of the untenured faculty person’s publications, and (4) a copy of this person’s statement on service (if any exists).
  3. Notify the tenured regular and special title series faculty that a terminal reappointment dossier has been constituted and request that they expeditiously submit written opinions on the chair’s intention to recommend a terminal reappointment.
  4. After considering the faculty’s written judgments, either

i. Write a review summary recommending terminal reappointment and send this summary, the (terminal) reappointment dossier, and the faculty’s written judgments to the dean, or

ii. Write a review summary recommending reappointment and send this summary and the original reappointment dossier to the dean.

Meet with the faculty person to communicate and discuss the review results. He or she should also be given a copy of the chair's review summary.

Terminal Reappointment materials are due in the dean’s office by no later than April 5, 2023.