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Myung In Ji

Myung In Ji (South Korea)
PhD Candidate in Geography

Myungin's research project is about the retail gentrification of Seoul. Drawing upon concepts of authenticity, consumption, desire, and practice, she explores the way in which cultural landscapes represent, mediate, and negotiate gentrification dynamics.
The highlight of Myungin's time at UK so far was her qualifying exam. "It was the hardest time period among the last five years at UK, but I felt honored and grateful that four experts in my research field sincerely discussed, thought about, and commented on my project," she said. "That was the moment that I was most developed academically."
Myungin holds a Master's in Geography and a Bachelor's in Geography Education from Korea University. She learned about UK's Geography department while at Korea University, and she contacted Dr. Rich Schein whose work regarding landscape influenced her master's project. Dr. Schein encouraged her to apply. Even as a child, Myungin was interested in the world around her. "I had a strong curiosity about a world that I barely knew about," she said. "I've always been enthusiastic to learn that unknown world."