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Faculty & Staff Resources / Directors of Graduate Studies

Directors of Graduate Studies

2023-24 DGS meetings are scheduled for 9:00am on the third Wednesday of the month.  It is requested that a faculty department representative attend when the DGS is unable to meet.

DGS Resources:

Fall 2023 Directors of Graduate Studies

Department or Program DGS Email
Anthropology Dr. Kristin Monroe
Biology Dr. Jessica Santollo
Chemistry Dr. Kenneth Graham
Classical Languages & Literature Dr. Milena Minkova
Earth and Environmental Sciences Dr. Kevin Yeager 
English Dr. Matt Giancarlo 
French Dr. Milena Minkova
Gender and Women's Studies Dr. Jenn Hunt 
Geography Dr. Michael Samers
German Dr. Milena Minkova
Hispanic Studies Dr. Alan Brown
History Dr. Hilary Jones
Linguistic Theory and Typology Dr. Kevin McGowan
Maps Dr. Matthew Wilson
Mathematics Dr. Benjamin Braun
MFA Andrew Milward
Philosophy Dr. Julia Bursten
Physics & Astronomy Dr. Chris Crawford
Political Science Dr. Michael Zilis
Psychology Dr. Mike Bardo
Sociology Dr. Janet Stamatel  
Statistics Dr. Katherine Thompson 
Teaching English as Second Language Dr. Milena Minkova
Teaching World Languages - MATWL Dr. Milena Minkova