10|01|14 - Stanford Biologist to Speak on 'Stem Cell Fate and Function' -

Helen Blau, director of Stanford University's Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology, will deliver the sixth annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture, presented by the University of Kentucky Department of Biology.

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10|01|14 - Kentucky Women Writers, Actors Guild, Carson Kreitzer to Collaborate on Prize for Playwrights -

The Kentucky Women Writers Conference is now accepting scripts by women for its 2015 Prize for Women Playwrights, which awards a $500 cash prize and a full theatrical production to the winner.

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10|01|14 - On The Road Again -

UK faculty extend the classroom beyond the Commonwealth

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10|01|14 - We're All Friends Here -

A&S faculty are erasing the gap between the natural sciences and the social sciences and humanities.

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09|30|14 - Sedimentary, My Dear Watson -

Kevin Yeager's lab can measure the rate of coastline loss in Louisiana or document the effects of exposure to radioactive fallout.

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10/02/14 - 6th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture , Helen Blau, PhD - Stanford University @
in 116 T.H. Morgan Bldg.
10/02/14 - "Reprograming StemCell Fate and Function" , Dr. Helen Blau @
in Room 116 THM Biology Building
10/02/14 - "Heart Sickness, Protracted Displacement, and Uncertainty in Georgia" , Dr. Erin Koch, Anthropology @
in Bingham-Davis House, Gaines Center
10/03/14 - "Extended Healthspan Through Regenerative Medicine" , Dr. Helen Blau @
in UKAA Auditorium @ WT Young Library
10/03/14 - 6th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture , Helen Blau, PhD - Stanford University @
in W.T. Young Library
10/03/14 - The State of Democracy in Latin America , Catherine Conaghan and Enrique Peruzzotti @
in Patterson Office Tower, 18th floor
10/03/14 - GeoJeopardy , GeoJepardy @
in Classroom Building Room 238
10/03/14 - Chemistry Department Seminar @
in CP-114
10/03/14 - Introducing the book: Landesque Capital: The Historical Ecology of Enduring Landscape Transformations. , Dr. N. Thomas Hakansson @
in Lafferty Hall Rm. 213
10/07/14 - “The Lebanese Community of Mexico and the Development of Mexican Film" , Dr. Carlos Martínez Assad @
in Hardymon Theater @ the Marksbury Building
10/10/14 - A&S Hall of Fame , Dean Kornbluh @
in Singletary Center Recital Hall
10/10/14 - Stan Brunn (University of Kentucky) , Stan Brunn @
in Classroom Building Room 238

Passport to the World: 2014-2015


01/24/14 - About Greenhouse - The Environment & Sustainability Residential College is a living-learning community that engages students in learning about many aspects of the local environment, all in the context of sustainability, by bringing together students and faculty interested in understanding and actively supporting the development of a healthy environment for all residents. - more...
03/24/14 - Chemistry Learning Center Devoted to Student Success - Students in introductory-level chemistry courses at the University of Kentucky - more...
03/04/14 - Three Perspectives on the Inside-Out Program -

In this podcast, we hear from Carrie Oser

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